Gondolas in Basin in the Morning
Grand Canal from the Accademia Bridge
Coming to Venice is an experience that will stay with you the rest
of your life. From your very first glimpse of the wonder and sheer beauty
of the city, you will be spellbound. You want to get to know it, feel it, be
immersed in it.   

You want more than just a trip. You want an adventure, and you
want to experience Venice, not just look at it.

You deserve to have the best time possible, and to see and do
things that the average tourist might not.

You have limited time
Venice is a maze of streets and canals that can be very difficult to
maneuver. Instead of getting lost, join us as we show you Venice from an
insider's vantage point.  

You see more & have more fun
Our clients are constantly telling us that they never would have seen
the things we showed them if they had gone about on their own, and
that it was enjoyable not struggling with a map.  

Who Would Benefit From Our Services?
People sometimes ask "can't I get the same thing from a good guide book?" The
answer is no.  Most people come to Venice for only a day or two, and many people
come only for a few hours.  

If you have only a short time to discover Venice, or you intend to be in Venice  for only
part of a day, then taking one of our walking tours would be an excellent way for you to
see the sights without the frustration of trying to find your way.

Venice is not laid out in any organized manner. Instead of spending your time standing
around staring at a map trying, we will take you around to the main sights, and show
you some things you are unlikely to see on your own. In your brief time with us you will
see things that otherwise would require two days for you to find, and things that you
otherwise might not have found.
Who we are
The Venice Experience consists solely of the husband and wife team of Mike and Karen Henderson.  

All of your communications will be directly with us, and we will personally conduct your tour. This
means that you will get personalized service, and a tour that can be designed around your interests
and time.

Check out our
tour options. We  offer a choice of  tours that will greatly enhance your time in Venice,
and we can customize a tour to suit your interests or needs.
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Piazzetta San Marco in the Snow
Piazetta San Marco in Early Morning Fog
Here for a Cruise?  Meeting your cruise ship in Venice?  Only
have a day, or a few hours? Our tours are perfect for you!  You will see
more and have more fun than you otherwise would. Try one of our
Essential Venice Tours. We show you around stress free without a map.  
And look at our
other tours, too - there is likely to be one suited to you.

Click here for helpful information about cruises

For the Physically Impaired:
Venice, with its many bridges, is very difficult for the physically impaired.
If you are able to walk, but the going is slow and sometimes painful,
taking a wrong turn and getting lost in a place like Venice can ruin your
visit. We can lead you to the important sights, going at your pace, taking
the water bus (Vaporetto) as necessary. You will be able to stop and rest
as needed.  

If you are confined to a wheelchair, seeing Venice on your own will be
extremely difficult. Using the Vaporetto and our knowledge of the city, you
will see many of the important sights, and some out of the way places. If
you are in a wheelchair, please contact us to discuss your tour.

Our tours are designed to help you relax, and enjoy and experience

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